Welcome To Little Earth Art Studio

Showing March 5th -6th Venice Florida Artist

Artist Statement

My love of art around the world has been a constant inspiration for me as a visual artist. Beginning when I was a young child I used my inescapable shyness to become the observer. I was able to take in fine details, memorizing the very specific nature of things. My art world developed inevitably around me as I craved to recreate my environment from observation, but not as a replica, yet as an abstract documentation of my journey.

My work today is a reflection of my life experiences. For me every sight, sound, texture, voice, and tone all has an effect on me one way or another. As a visual artist, introvert and observer I can feel the environment around me in an intense way. Actively feeling and subsequently sewing together a combination of my experiences largely formulate my own craft. I work hard to find the right medium to express what I am feeling. I try not to limit myself, I believe an artist should have the freedom to explore every medium and go further to cross-pollinate ideas, blur the boundaries and explore new techniques. I believe every work of art should be created with heart, in excellence, upholding the highest integrity.

I begin with inspiration, which develops into excitement and then enthusiasm yet sometimes I feel a sense of fear as I begin a piece. I believe my fear factor exists because there is so much heart and good intention in the concept it becomes somewhat dangerous for me to begin a piece of art, taking the risk of not communicating or translating my ideas effectively. I try to remember to embrace the process and continue with great fortitude. At the moment I take the first steps and the conceptual becomes visual the fear melts away and a new emotion of natural instincts set in. As I read the medium and work in the moment,I am then able to bring the intellectual, emotional, and physical together.

A Note From the Artist

I am grateful for the opportunity to travel around the world and experience different people, places, art and cultures. This has inspired me to develop my new vision. My newest “color series” represents the raw emotion and memory of my experiences. In both bodies the layers allow me to create windows of color combinations giving impressions of time, renewal, movement and weathered seasons.

During my journeys, I immerse myself in my surroundings I absorb the colors, textures, and the sheer cacophony of the environment. I revel in the peaceful moments in nature, the solitude of the wilderness, and the excitement and chaos of cities all around the world. I look forward to continuing my journey and finding more opportunities to create art for people and spaces for many to enjoy.