About Us

About Little Earth Art Studio

I established my art studio right out of art school in early 2000. At first I followed my training in ceramics and sculpture. In 2010 I opened a public art studio to share my space, my equipment and expertise with the local community, specializing in youth instruction. I learned more from my students than I ever expected. They inspired me push the boundaries and explore further, away from the well known. They taught me risk is good and possibilities are endless. My students inspired me to reverse my role as teacher back to student. I decided to switch my focus from my teaching studio to developing my new bodies of work. I return to develop my own artistic voice, this time through painting and the beyond. I try never to limit myself I embrace the uncertainty and the fear. I seek bold options, pushing the relationship with color and shape, taking risks all along the way leaving the comfort zone far behind.

A New Process

My new process focuses on the relationship between color and reflective light. This has taken me to new levels of viewing the world around me.Embracing the new role as a colorist my contemporary oil paintings bring a bold new depth of color and texture. The Resin paintings bring spontaneity and whimsy and an unexpected parallel to the natural world both on a macro and micro level.Painting with resin is a unique process. There is no one way to use this unique medium. I use different paints pigments and various materials to create a fluid painting with a two-part resin as the fluid basis. The mediums are incorporated into the resin and poured onto the surface. As the added elements interact the painting moves as the materials continue to react to each other creating an organic display. Every painting is completely unique with depth and flavor the eye is endlessly entertained. Many people observe the similar visual qualities of stone or earth of ten pointing out parallels to satellite pictures of the earth or from space.

Two Distinct Styles

Creating two vastly different contemporary bodies of work suits my need for constant exploration and challenge.Painting with oil is unhurried,more methodical, and forgiving to change and evolution. I can revisit an oil painting for weeks or often months in order to layer, develop, and enhance the piece before I feel it is complete.My resin,multi-media paintings take a very different approach and result in a very different style. Painting with resin is more spontaneous;while I have a great amount of control these special materials limit my working time, which awakens my raw instinct. Both of these techniques bring me great challenge and joy.

Look for My Work

My studio is based in the state of Colorado. I sell my pieces all over the country, usually during art shows.

Change is the only consent

My studio is constantly evolving I work not only as a sculptor painter and multi media artist, but as a designer and conceptualist as well. I want everyone to be able to experience the beauty of color, shape, and design of my pieces in their own sacred space. I celebrate the movement and beautiful elegance of the natural, colorful, and ever transforming world and and all its fleeting moments. I feel my artwork is a reflection of this through the eyes of my life’s experience. I look forward to every opportunity to grow and learn though my creative process.